Studio Paradise - Netflix

A live after show for the Paradise Hotel

Type: Reality

Languages: Swedish

Status: Running

Runtime: None minutes

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Studio Paradise - Paradise Records - Netflix

Paradise Records was a U.S. record label started by Leon Russell in 1976. The company established offices in Los Angeles. Paradise Records was the second record label company started by Russell. The first was Shelter Records started by Leon Russell and Denny Cordell that operated from 1969 to 1981. Shelter Records had offices in both Los Angeles and Tulsa, Russell's home town, where the label sought to promote a “workshop atmosphere” with a recording studio in a converted church, adjoining houses for artists working at the studio, and other facilities. Russell remained with Shelter until 1976, when he and Cordell fell out. In a settlement, Cordell then became sole owner of the Shelter Records label and Russell then departed to start his own label, Paradise Records. Leon Russell had already received five US Gold records under Shelter Records. Paradise Records had a recording studio in Burbank, California and also made music videos in the recording studio. Paradise Records was learning place for members of Concrete Blonde and Steve Ripley, both later started the country retro group, The Tractors. Leon also took the First Church of God at Third and Trenton in Tulsa and transformed it into The Church Studio. Church Studio still stands and is now home of Steve Ripley and The Tractors. Paradise Records are currently made and distributed by Warner Bros. Records. Leon Russell also released a few items on his own independent record label Leon Russell Records, like Hymns of Christmas, while other works were released on other labels like Virgin Records.

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