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The search for love is universal. Millions of people are looking for it, whether they are young or old. But where do you find true love? First Dates arranges first dates for singles. A first date in a restaurant where everyone is single and in search for love. Will one of those first dates lead to a second one? And will someone find the perfect match?

First Dates - Netflix

Type: Reality

Languages: Dutch

Status: Running

Runtime: 55 minutes

Premier: 2015-03-24

First Dates - 50 First Dates - Netflix

50 First Dates is a 2004 American romantic comedy film directed by Peter Segal and written by George Wing. The film stars Adam Sandler as a veterinarian and Drew Barrymore as an amnesiac, along with Rob Schneider, Sean Astin, Lusia Strus, Blake Clark, and Dan Aykroyd. Most of the film was shot on location in Oahu, Hawaii on the Windward side and the North Shore. Sandler and Barrymore won an MTV award for Best On-Screen Team. The fictitious memory impairment suffered by Barrymore's character, Goldfield's Syndrome, is similar to short-term memory loss and anterograde amnesia. The 2014 Malayalam film Ormayundo Ee Mukham is inspired by 50 First Dates, as are the 2007 Telugu film, Sathyabhama, and the 2018 Japanese film “50 First Kisses” (50回目のファーストキス).

First Dates - Cast - Netflix

Adam Sandler as Henry Roth, a marine veterinarian with a talent for wooing women and a fear of commitment Drew Barrymore as Lucy Whitmore, Henry's love interest with short-term memory loss Rob Schneider as Ula, Henry's marijuana-smoking, native Hawaiian assistant and best friend; he is unhappily married to an overweight native woman and has five young, athletically talented children Sean Astin as Doug Whitmore, Lucy's older brother, a lisping, steroid-dependent bodybuilder Blake Clark as Marlin Whitmore, Lucy's widowed father, a professional fisherman Lusia Strus as Alexa, Henry's ambiguously gendered assistant Dan Aykroyd as Dr. Joseph Keats, a physician specializing in brain disorders Amy Hill as Sue, the Hukilau café manager and friend of Lucy and her late mother Pomaika'i Brown as Nick, the Hukilau café chef. Allen Covert as Ten-Second Tom, a hospital patient with severe memory impairment (reprised as 220 Tom in Blended) Missi Pyle as Noreen, a tax attorney Henry meets at a bar but then tries to fix up with Alexa Maya Rudolph as Stacy, pregnant friend of Lucy's at beach party Kevin James as Factory worker Lynn Collins as Linda

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