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Dexter is a crime drama series based around the main character, a serial killer named Dexter Morgan. Dexter only kills other killers and criminals and works in blood splatter analysis at crime scenes.

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Type: Scripted

Languages: English

Status: Ended

Runtime: 50 minutes

Premier: 2006-10-01

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This is a list of characters from the Showtime TV series Dexter and the Jeff Lindsay novels, including Darkly Dreaming Dexter (on which the show was based), Dearly Devoted Dexter, Dexter in the Dark, Dexter by Design, and Dexter is Delicious.

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Mike Donovan (Jim Abele) is a 42-year-old pastor and church choir conductor who raped and killed at least three young boys, Corey Balanti, Tyler Kale, and Joe Bigalow. He is Dexter's first victim shown in the series. Dexter chokes him inside his station wagon, forces him to drive to a house on the outskirts of Miami, and forces him to look at his crimes. Dexter then kills him with a hand saw, at the site where Donovan had buried several of his victims (whom Dexter exhumes and shows to Donovan shortly before Donovan dies). Donovan's wife comes to the station the next day to report her husband's disappearance. Dexter shows particular anger towards Donovan; it's unclear, at that point, whether it stems from Dexter's having a personal hate for pedophiles or the writers' still finding the character of Dexter. In Darkly Dreaming Dexter, this character is referred to as “Father Donovan”, suggesting he is a Catholic priest. There is no mention of his having a family. Unlike the television show, Father Donovan's victims include both boys and girls. Also, he thanks Dexter for killing him, recognising his own “sickness” and grateful for the relief. Jamie Jaworski (Ethan Smith) is a 29-year-old hotel valet with a taste for sexual sadism and snuff films. He recorded his rape and murder of Jane Saunders, mother of two small boys, and posted it on the Internet. Jaworski had been formerly arrested but escaped justice due to a faulty search warrant. Dexter, whilst stalking him, noticed a red devil tattoo on his arm and identified him from it in the video on the fetish website. In order to capture him Dexter lures him with a photo of his latest kill and then sticks a syringe in his neck. When questioned, Jaworski coldly admits that he raped and killed Jane Saunders, and he is not sorry. Dexter kills him at a deserted construction site where Jaworski had been stealing copper pipes to earn extra cash. He is Dexter's second victim on the show. In Darkly Dreaming Dexter, Jaworski works as a janitor who abducts young girls. Frustrated by the Tamiami Slasher case, Dexter kills him very sloppily, even forgetting to take a blood sample from him. The Slasher kills his next victim in a similarly messy way as a form of satire. Jane Saunders (Neeona Neel) was a mother of two boys. She was raped and killed in a snuff film by Jamie Jaworski. Her children were emotionally devastated after her death, and Dexter avenged her by killing her murderer. Carlos Guerrero (Rudolf Martin) is a powerful drug lord responsible for the death of Officer Ricky Simmons and Simmons' wife Kara. Dexter at one point thinks about killing him but decides Guerrero he did not fit the code, and he had just chosen to live in a dangerous world. Sergeant Doakes becomes Guerrero's main target, after accusing him of murder in front of his church and daughter Rose. In an act of retaliation, Guerrero has men tail Doakes in several attempts to scare him off. Guerrero eventually kidnaps Doakes and is ready to execute him when Guerrero is shot by several officers, including Kara's brother Detective McNamara (portrayed by Scott William Winters). It becomes clear that Doakes' colleagues had used him as bait to get to Guerrero—thus getting the evidence they needed to finally having the drug lord convicted. Norberto Cervantes (Cristos) was a professional hitman and assassin working for Carlos Guerrero. Norberto was dispatched to kill Officer Ricky Simmons when Carlos discovered Simmons was an undercover cop trying to infiltrate his organization. Norberto did so by throwing him off a freeway overpass, but not before Ricky bites and takes a chunk of flesh out of Norberto's arm. Norberto then checked Ricky's phone, and discovered he had been in constant contact with his wife, Kara, and to prevent information leaking to the police, Norberto went to the Simmons residence, and shot Kara in the back and departed, but not before his bleeding arm left a drop of blood at the scene. When Kara succumbed to her injuries in hospital, her secret lover, Doakes, was driven to investigate harder and soon discovered the DNA trail and arrested Norberto. LaGuerta offered Norberto a more lenient sentence in exchange for providing enough evidence to bring down Guerrero, and he seriously considered this, but somehow Guerrero knew, and arranged for another one of his assassins, disguised as a prison guard, to bring Norberto to the prison's showers, where he stabs Norberto to death. Kara Simmons (Maureen Moldoon) was the wife of Ricky Simmons. She became evidently unhappy with her relationship with Ricky and became unfaithful to him by sleeping with the sergeant James Doakes. After her husband was shot for working undercover, Carlos Guerrero sent a man, Norberto Cervantes, to their house and shot her in the stomach, she tried to call her husband during the attack. Soon after, María LaGuerta and James Doakes arrive on the scene to find her gutshot. James Doakes becomes very concerned with her recovery and stays by her side while she is in hospital, to the suspicion of LaGuerta, who later confronts him with her theory that he is sleeping with her, to which he admits that he was. Doakes is shown to be very upset and vengeful regarding Kara's death. Matt Chambers (Sam Trammell), also known as Matt Brewster and Matt Rasmussen, is a 35-year-old alcoholic. Dexter first learns of him in court by noticing the crying family of his latest victim, Alexander Pryce (18). Chambers uses his AA sponsor to vouch for his false recovery and he is found not guilty due to a mask of emotions that instill empathy and sympathy from people, where only Dexter could see his emotions were completely fake. Matt is a repeat drunk driver, who has killed and crippled several people, yet shows no remorse or guilt for his crimes, the people he has killed and severely injured while driving drunk, and the horrible way his actions effected all those who loved his victims. Whenever he kills or injures someone in a drunk driving, he changes his name and moves to a new city. Dexter kills him in an abandoned liquor store. Sean (Richard Gunn) is a mechanic and temporary boyfriend of Debra's. Dexter and Rita double dated with them and Debra got on well with him, but later he turned out to be married and after Debra found out that he was using her as a bit on the side, she dumped him. He plays a part in making Dexter's relationship with Rita uncomfortable as she notes that they get on well with each other and that she and Dexter do not have the same fluency in their relationship. Shanda (Lizette Carrión) became friends with Debra during Deb's undercover work as a prostitute. Shanda, being street prostitute herself, became a helpful resource in the Miami Metro PD's hunt for the Ice Truck Killer. Jeremy Downs (Mark L. Young) is a 19-year-old boy living in a halfway house after he is released from juvenile hall. At the age of fifteen, he was convicted for killing another boy. Dexter attempts to kill him, but lets him go after finding out that his victim raped him. Before leaving he encourages Jeremy to only kill those who deserve to die. After Jeremy killed a second innocent boy Doakes arrests Jeremy. While he is detained, Dexter talks to Jeremy who revealed to Dexter that the trauma from the rape has left him just like Dexter, “empty”, and he kills to feel something—although he does admit that it does not help, and in fact makes the feeling worse. Dexter later visits Jeremy in prison, as he is the only one who can understand him, and vice versa, but finds Jeremy had killed himself. Nurse Mary (Denise Crosby) is Dexter's first victim, as seen in flashback. She was nurse who over-medicates her patients with morphine who will eventually die from overdose. Dexter incapacitates her with a syringe which is where he obtained his syringe technique. She believes that she is helping her victims by “ending their pain”, and keeps an album containing their obituaries. Harry Morgan almost becomes one of her victims when he has a heart attack and is placed in her care. Harry gives Dexter 'permission' to kill her and he ambushes her at her house. Her victims were Phoebe Burns, Jason Kheel, David Nammers among others. Dexter gives her the nickname “First Nurse” in the series, although in the novels her nickname is “Last Nurse”. In the novels, the nurse is basically the same as in the TV series. However, her motivation for killing her patients is never given in the novels. In the TV series, she claims to be helping her victims by “ending their pain”. She is speculated to have been inspired by prolific serial killer Harold Shipman. Tony Tucci (Brad William Henke) is a security guard in an ice skating rink. LaGuerta initially thinks that Tucci is the Ice Truck Killer, and puts out an arrest warrant for his arrest—one quickly rescinded when the real killer kidnaps him. The killer amputates Tucci's left arm and right leg- Dexter realising that Tucci is still alive based on the blood flow in the severed limbs being unaltered- and leaves them as clues for Dexter to find, choosing locations that Dexter visited with Harry based on photographs in an album of Dexter's. The killer eventually leaves Tucci in an abandoned hospital for Dexter to find, as a sort of invitation to kill him. He fails to meet Dexter's code, however, and Dexter sends Debra an anonymous tip leading her to the hospital and Tucci. Because of LaGuerta's rash decision to brand him as the Ice Truck Killer, this (along with a few other rash decisions) led her to be demoted. Mrs. Tucci (Gina Hecht) is Tony Tucci's mother. She was inconvenienced by Lieutenant María LaGuerta's false accusation of her son, followed by his kidnap and María was forced to apologize to her by Captain Matthews, but she was thankful rather than displeased that she came in person. Throughout the time her son was kidnapped, she prayed almost non-stop and towards the end of the episode reminded María of her faith. Nina Batista (Angela Alvarado Rosa) is Angel's ex-wife. The couple separated some months prior to the series premiere, following Angel having an affair with another woman. Despite Angel's attempts to get Nina back, she constantly turn him down. However, as seen following Angel nearly fatal confrontation with the Ice Truck Killer, Nina still cared a lot for her former spouse. Even so, neither Nina, nor the couples daughter Ally, has been seen or referred to following the end of the first season. Neil Perry (Sam Witwer) is a brilliant, but deeply disturbed, computer analyst with a compulsion to kill animals. Neil was regularly abused by his mother, but never struck back; only when she died of a heart attack did he finally lash out, mutilate her corpse and bury it outside his trailer home. Neil began to see the chance for fame during the Ice Truck Killer case, using his own skills to hack into the police database and reading the newspapers. Eventually, he set himself up as the killer, kidnapping a prostitute in a fake attempt to kill her, possessing photographs of the corpses not released to the public, allowing his mother's corpse to be discovered, and readily confessing to the murders. While in prison awaiting trial, Dexter, who had been contacted by the true Ice Truck Killer earlier, realized Neil was a fraud when Neil failed to recognize him. Despite Dexter and LaGuerta's insistence, Captain Matthews refused to acknowledge the possibility that they may have the wrong man, and publicly announces Neil's identity as the Ice Truck Killer. Dexter's subtle manipulation eventually drives LaGuerta into investigating Neil's innocence, and she soon realizes that he found the information in the database, though the Captain and District Attorney continue to refuse to release him. LaGuerta appears to deliberately fail to convince the Captain of Perry's innocence as a scheme to undermine him. Later on, the Ice Truck Killer pours the collected blood of several of his victims in a hotel room. Shortly after its discovery, the blood is matched to the drained victims by DNA, proving Neil's innocence to the police and leading to his release. After LaGuerta undermined the Captain by publicly stating Neil's innocence behind his back was the final straw that caused her to be demoted. Jorge and Valerie Castillo (José Zúñiga and Valerie Dillman) are a husband-and-wife team of human traffickers—known as “the Coyote”, as only one of them was officially known about—who transport illegal immigrants from Cuba. If an immigrant cannot pay them, he or she is locked up in Jorge's junkyard, taken out on Jorge's boat and drowned. Dexter kills them both, but not before getting relationship advice out of them. Shortly after Dexter dumps their bodies, the Ice Truck Killer dives into the ocean and places Valerie's corpse (which Dexter did not have time to dismember) in the junkyard, where it is discovered by the police, almost leading to Dexter's capture until he manages to find a way to cast doubt on the evidence. Oscar (Cesar Flores) is a Cuban child immigrant who is found locked in the trunk of a car by Jorge and Valerie Castillo. He witnesses Dexter injecting his captors and taking them away from the keyhole in the car. After this, he develops attachment issues, trusting only María LaGuerta, who in turn develops maternal feelings for him. When asked to describe the killer by a sketch artist for a facial composite, he describes a man with facial features similar to Jesus Christ, thus saving Dexter from being caught. He is then put in his uncle's care. Cindy Landon (Julie Dolan) is a black widow who appears in a flashback. Her only line is “I'll fuck you if you let me go.” She was the focus of an episode of Dexter: Early Cuts. She was a freelance magician’s assistant who married men and killed them for their money. Gene Marshall (Benton Jennings) is an arsonist, who ironically was a fire inspector, who appears in a flashback. Dexter places candles around him before cutting him up. His only line is “Have you ever watched someone burn alive?”. Marshall was a real-estate developer and millionaire who set one of his own apartment complexes on fire, killing seven people. His psychiatrist deemed him mentally unfit to stand trial. After three months in a psychiatric institution, Marshall was released and went back to his usual life of luxury. Dexter killed Marshall in June 1993. Dexter surrounds him with candles when he straps him to the table. Alex Timmons (Demetrius Grosse) is a sniper who appears in a flashback. His only line is “Yes, I did it. Is that what you want to hear?” His death appeared in the animated webisode series “Dexter: Early Cuts” where it was shown that he was the first of Dexter's kills from which a blood-slide trophy was taken. Timmons had been a hunter since he was young, developing a fondness for killing. He later became a U.S. Marine Corps sniper, allowing him to kill in the open while masking it as warfighting. Eventually, his impulse to kill overcame him and he shot and killed three civilian children and received little punishment for it, only being discharged from the Corps. Dexter first approached him at a gun range which Timmons often practiced at. He then pretended that his car had broken down and asked Timmons for assistance. While he was distracted, Dexter sedated him, abducted him and killed him in his home with a Marine Corps combat knife. Before his death Alex admitted that he had committed the crimes which brought him there. Emmett Meridian (Tony Goldwyn) is a psychotherapist who, as Dexter figures out, targets financially successful women and has encouraged at least three of his female clients to commit suicide. Dexter stalks him by taking therapy sessions under the guise of Sean Ellis and to Dexter's surprise ends up making a psychological breakthrough with him. Emmett puts Dexter into a state of calm and helps him to remember his dark past, seeing a boy in blood but initially not understanding the meaning. This also helps him to let his guard down and helps his relationship with Rita. Dexter also manages a major catharsis by telling Meridian about his murders before killing him. He sees a camera recording in his office and breaks in at night to find the files on Meridian's computer. His M.O. is that he will put his victims on anti-depressants and eventually abruptly stop writing prescriptions, preventing the patients' brain time to adjust to the rapid change. His victims were Meghan Dowd, Carolyn Jillian and Vanessa Gayle. Bob Hicks (Scott Atkinson) was Paul Bennetts' sponsor from Narcotics Anonymous for his recovery from drug abuse. Bob came around Rita's house to plead that Paul was innocent and that there had been a mistake and was there to tell him that Paul had been clean for over a month and that it was unlikely that he committed the crime. Rita politely but firmly tells him to mind his own business and he is not seen again.

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